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Finding the perfect diamond is easy. Wholesale loose diamonds offered to the public at liquidation prices. Our goal is simply to carry the largest variety of loose diamonds and colored gemstones including rings, pendants and earrings. All of our products are top quality and will make the perfect gift or resell item for your online store. Our diamond website carries 100′s of shapes and styles in stock. We are here to assist all of your jewelry needs and requests. Feel free to tour our store and you will easily see why we are the top importer of wholesale loose diamonds and gemstones in the country.

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Purchasing diamonds is finally an easy process. If you need diamonds for ones that fell out of a ring or need to set one in a pendant, charm, watch or even purchase two matching ones for a pair of earrings, then we have what you need. They also make for perfect gifts for all ages. Now business owners can purchase their loose diamonds at wholesale pricing. We will ship to every country around the world and work with all customers to meet their buying needs.

Purchasing our Wholesale Loose Diamonds

If you are in the market for a great loose diamonds and low prices then you need not look any further than our wholesale diamond section. This is the first step in finding the diamond that you need. It will show you the size of diamond, color and clarity as well as the mm size of the diamond. This will allow you to order the exact size of diamond that you need to complete your project. If you are reselling your diamond then we have great parcels that you can purchase and resell for a profit. If you need assistance reselling your diamonds please contact us.

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Wholesale Loose Diamonds and Jevwelry – Round diamonds at discounted diamond pricing. Princess cut diamonds and wholesale gemstones.


Wholesale Loose diamonds personally picked for our clients

Our customers have specific needs when buying diamonds and they do not want to buy them at a retail price. We are able to save our clients up to 75-80% off of diamond prices. We’re pleased to be able to offer a completely new line loose diamonds and gemstones for our wholesale customers.

Enjoy the comfort and ease of purchasing online and now enjoy the ability of being a wholesale customer that can purchase a single diamond at the same costs of purchasing 1000 diamonds. Our large selection of loose diamond and gemstones are purchased by over 40,000 customers worldwide. You’ll see after your first order that the quality and customer service is unmatched in the industry.

Why we offer a full 100% money back guarantee on our loose diamonds

We want to make sure your diamond purchase with us is as flawless as possible. Over the past years we have placed several safeguards to assure that our wholesale customers are 100% satisfied with our line of diamonds and gemstones. For starters we have entrusted the use of the paypal.com system to handle all of our credit card orders.

Because we are one of the top selling loose diamond companies with them we trust the benefits they can offer our customers. We have added Square trade to the mix giving all of our customers even more added security. As a member of square trade you’ll fee comfortable when purchasing since all orders are guaranteed through this company. If that wasn’t enough we allow you to pay by check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express so you have the added security of purchasing using your credit card. We do not know of another wholesaler that offers such security or selection.